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The Sky is Parallel Kingdom’s new frontier, an expansive game-realm separate from, but directly on top of the land. It offers endless challenges and exciting new treasures for those who ride its currents. Ascend to the Sky Realm at any time on your Griffin Mount, or explore this uncharted space in a customizable Airship, complete with cannons & crew.


Build and upgrade these massive, gravity-defying vessels in 4 different styles, each specializing in a unique strength. Equipped with customizable Crew Members and over 20 cannon types, Airships are perfect for journeys of exploration in the Air Realm! Just don’t forget about fuel...


Like mines in the Land Realm, these enchanted structures are valuable sites for harvesting rare resources. Floating Islands spawn slowly around Sky Docks, to be claimed & garrisoned by those possessing Elemental Charges.


Most actions in the air, like unlocking a Floating Island require a set of 3 Elemental Charges. Search through the myriad of Clouds in the Air Realm for the chance to obtain Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning & Aether Elements.

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If you survive the terrors roaming the world of Parallel Kingdom, you’ll be able to pursue the more dangerous creatures that lurk in the corners of the world. Flesh-eating monstrosities, great dragons, and forgotten gods dwell deep in cavernous mountains and even on the murky ocean floor. Only by delving deep into their homes can you slay these terrible beasts and claim your well-deserved reward. You can even team up with your friends to take on the challenge together.


Many dungeons contain engaging boss fights, where villains change weapons and tactics, or even summon minions to aid them in battle. Mastering these mechanics is key to conquering the dungeon with as little trouble as possible.


Many dungeons contain unique loot, which can be used to unlock new skills or craft powerful items and gear.

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Rare Icon Rare Monsters

Though Parallel Kingdom is overwhelmed by Monsters of all types, certain Monsters prefer seclusion. These Monsters, frequently having been hunted to near-extinction, are a rare find in Parallel Kingdom. On the highest mountaintops sits the rare Zagharu, casting icy judgment upon those who stumble into his path while his counterpart, the fiery Phoenix, shows up rarely to destroy civilized territory so that it may be wild again.

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Events Icon Events

Parallel Kingdom is a living world, its constantly being updated with all sorts of fun and engaging events to promote competition and give players a chance to exceed. Will you join a Kingdom to conquer the great Dark Monoliths which tower above the land? Or will you defeat the Death Knights of Soth’Mortus, and save the world from a Halloween threat? Every day there’s something new to do in Parallel Kingdom, you just have to find it!

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Giant spires which erupt from the ground at hours’ notice. These massive structures represent control of Parallel Kingdom, and offer Kingdoms that capture them substantial rewards. And so, many Kingdoms face off against each other in mini-warfare to claim them for their King.
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Ancient dark magic emanates from these ominous constructions, especially during the darkest times of the year. Exploring the catacombs of a Cursed Pyramid may lead to great riches, but be warned! Ammit, a horrifying evil from beyond this mortal realm lurks somewhere in the shadows, and she’s protected by Mummies and Priestesses whom worship her malevolent essence...
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The world of Parallel Kingdom is completely dynamic. Themed gear, Monsters, and events are introduced as the seasons change. Playful snowball fights have been known to erupt during the winter months, only to be thwarted by vicious Yetis! Contrarily, the dead have been known to grow restless in the fall. Just this last year, Parallel Kingdom saw an invasion of undead abominations!
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Players in Parallel Kingdom often get together to create their own, completely unique tournaments to test their fellow players’ mettle.
In an ever-changing world, there's constantly new, engaging opportunities and challenges!
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