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In Parallel Kingdom, you can be anybody. You can play a handsome, devilish trickster-merchant or a master of poison, cloak, and dagger. You can tower over your enemies as an unstoppable juggernaut or lunge headfirst, knee-deep into combat as an axe-wielding barbarian. Or, if you’re more of the peaceful sort, you can heal your allies and tend to your garden. There are a nearly infinite number of ways to soar to the top of the game, or reach whatever you set your mind to. You can be anything, you can be anyone! Unleash your imagination, and let it lead you into a parallel personality.

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Skills Icon Skills

As you sharpen your blade or callous your hands chopping trees, you’ll develop unique skills to help you advance further into Parallel Kingdom. From challenging your foes, to learning the most powerful potions and elixirs, the wide array of abilities you’ll acquire over the course of the game will keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. With skills, its possible to become a true master of combat or exploration. Leveling up will grant additional skill points, eventually leading to a specialization…

Leatherworking Icon
Craft useful tools, weapons and armor made of the finest animal hides. Leatherworking will enable you to satisfy your inner-woodsman, slaying and skinning the world’s most dangerous creatures to become the most dangerous hunter.
Cleave Icon
One at a time is no match for a master of the Cleave skill, with swings so mighty he can chop straight through a Monster and into the next without a rest. Whether you’re the mighty, raging barbarian to the silent, calculating spearman, Cleave will enable you to plow straight through your enemies.
Archery Icon
If melee combat just isn’t your thing, then draw back your bow string and prepare a calculated shot to your opponent’s weak point. Archery enables those of quick eye and quicker feet to keep distance on their foes while they bombard them with volleys of lethal, sharpened arrows.
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Specializations Icon Specializations

After a short while, you’ll be presented with the ability to choose a Specialization. Take your time; you have a wide selection after all. You can be a mighty member of the Legion, growing in strength for every comrade at your side. Or, you can be a wise master of medicines, dodging in and out of combat providing support for your enemies. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to fit into a group of players effectively and easily. In Parallel Kingdom, there are no traditional MMO roles! You can be whatever you like, and still play with your friends!

Druid Icon DRUID
Masters of nature, these healing wardens guard the secrets of nature and support their allies in combat. Capable of transferring their own health, as well as wielding Staves, Spears, and Axes, the Druid is a force to be reckoned with, especially when backed by trustworthy companions.
Merchant Icon MERCHANT
A travelling salesman, exploring the seas while collecting the finest bounty to sell at the best price, or a savvy navigator of the player-driven economy. With bonuses and incentives for frequent trading, the Merchant is the go-to man for anyone looking to dominate a market or sell a good.
Ninja Icon NINJA
A tracker in the shadows, capable of attacking at lightning fast speeds from range or up close. If you’ve always wanted to sulk around in the shadows and deliver swift death to your enemies from afar or up close while simultaneously dodging their blows, become a Ninja.
Warrior Icon WARRIOR
The warrior is a powerful melee combatant who rushes headfirst straight into the thick of combat, adept at both taking and dishing out damage in large quantities. A powerful addition to any team, the warrior also excels alone, dominating imposing Monsters with ease.
Alone, the Legionnaire is a powerful master of the Spear and Shield, but when surrounded by fellow Legionnaires, he becomes a nearly unstoppable force. If forming up into an impenetrable phalanx with your friends at your sides is your dream, the Legionnaire Specialization will satisfy it.
And so many more...
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Gear Icon Gear

Outfitting your character will allow them to adapt to the numerous challenges they’ll face in Parallel Kingdom. One of the best parts of the gear system is the ability to take a Sword from the very beginning of the game and carry it with you, forging it into your own unique, legendary weapon with a custom title. But the best part? You can do this with any weapon or piece of armor. Before long, any gear you pick up will be yours! You can hammer your iron breastplate into the sturdiest suit of armor the world has ever known, or meld your spear with a noxious metal to poison your enemies. Top it off with a huge number of combinations and cosmetic equipment known as “Swag” and you’ll have a truly unique set of gear in no time.

Armor Icon
In three variations, light, medium, and heavy armors. Each category gains significant bonuses from certain Specializations. For example, Knights benefit from heavier armors like breastplates and dragon scalemail, while Thieves benefit from a free hand and medium armor.
Weapons Icon
A veritable arsenal of weaponry can be picked up and used against the Monsters of Parallel Kingdom. Like armors, the effectiveness of weaponry depends largely on your specialization. For example, Legionnaires excel while gripping a Spear whereas a Ninja will wield a Shuriken with great effectiveness.
Hats Icon
To take their customization to the next level, many players acquire gear known as “Swag.” This gear has a purely aesthetic effect, and it only adds to the amount of awesome character customization available to you. Mix and match, color your flags, armor, weapons, and hats, you’ll be able to create a never-before-seen parallel personality.
Ice Icon
Gear can be imbued with special qualities. By firing up the forges and treating your Weapons and Armor with the finest Metals, you can set your enemies ablaze, poison them, or freeze them solid. Weapons refined with Fire Metal deal damage over time and ignite your foes, causing nearby structures and foes to share their plight. Poison Metal will infect your enemies with a venomous rot, dealing significant damage over time. If you’d rather make sure your adversaries can’t escape you, Ice Metal will have them at a slow crawl in no time. Once you’ve gotten the hang of how these all work, and mastered the advantages that each bring to your gear in battle, be on the lookout for the rarest metals of all: Aether, Wind, Lightning, and Levitation.
Ring Icon
There's no shortage of magical accessories in the world of Parallel Kingdom! These enchanted adornments can be gathered by defeating Monsters, and when worn offer unique bonuses. You'll be able to equip two magical Rings and one magical Amulet to better customize your play style. Their specific bonuses vary greatly. Equipping some will make you the bane of dragons, while others may simply let you craft useful items faster.
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Rankings Icon Rankings

Aside from Player versus Player combat, there are many more ways to engage with Parallel Kingdom competitively. Many players “race” for particularly impressive achievements in a week. There are weekly Rankings for a variety of categories. Whether you collect the most gold or slay the most Monsters, you’ll be able to compete for a spot on the board as either the last week’s leader or one of the top 15 in the current week’s race.

Badges Icon Badges

Badges are marks of honor for accomplishing specific tasks within the game. Unlike Rankings, these Badges do not reset weekly. They represent a cumulative effort toward a massive goal. Upon achieving the goal and earning a badge, you’ll be able to display it proudly upon your profile. Badges are a great way to demonstrate your skill and perseverance.

Trophies Icon Trophies

Have something you’re particularly proud of? Throw it on a pedestal and let the entire world see your creation! From the most epic item to the first backpack you ever adventured with, you’ll be able to use your profile and specially made pedestals to display your accomplishments in and out of game!

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