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There are quite a few ways to get social in the Parallel Kingdom, depending on your particular interests as a player. You can forge lasting alliances against the agents of darkness, or become a force of chaos, sowing trouble around you, and leaving ashes in your wake. In order to make the most of the game, you should make use of the variety of social tools available to you.

Chat Icon Chat

Chat is a useful tool for players of all styles, and can be used to coordinate with others, seek help with hunting or gathering, or just to talk while you complete whatever tasks you've set for yourself.

There are several chat rooms available, each one with a particular focus. You'll find HELP CHAT useful for determining what to build, finding popular Skills and Specializations, or getting tips on what to do next. GLOBAL CHAT is the anything and everything chat, where you can meet new people to talk about whatever interests you. For something a little more local, use MAP CHAT. This will only address people in your immediate area.

Give all of the chats a try, but make sure to stay on topic and follow the CHAT GUIDELINES!

Where there is chatter, there is wisdom
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Messaging Icon Messaging
"Et tu, Brute?"

For more discrete communication, use the Messaging system! Whether you’re planning a surprise Parallel Kingdom Party or plotting a betrayal in the shadows, the messaging system will allow you to communicate directly with a player and avoid pesky eavesdroppers.

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Acquaintances Icon Acquaintances

Meeting people will allow you to enjoy Parallel Kingdom to its fullest! If you make frequent use of the Chats and the Messaging system, you’ll find it isn’t long before you begin to recognize people when you log in. These people can be friends or enemies. Some of them may help you build the mythic City on the Hill, and dominate the world with you. Others may invade your land frequently or possess something you want. You can declare friendship or rivalry with these people at will! Doing so will solidify your standing with them, and allow you access to additional interactions.


Your Friends list is primarily there to notify when your favorite players come online. You can also grant access to your Friends to visit or use your land and buildings for free. These are the people you wish to communicate with and possibly organize with to take on larger Monsters or Dungeons. You can always Invite your Friend to come play with you, as well. Making Friends has additional benefits, as Friends will be more likely to let you visit them, and can help you to establish Flags far away from your real life location!


These are the players who really get on your nerves. Maybe they ransacked your House, or burnt down one of your Flags. Either way, they’re on your bad side. You can officially declare them as an enemy, which will notify them of the relationship change and enable you to burn down their Flags and Buildings to conquer their land for your own. It’s not recommended to make many enemies before you’ve established yourself in the world, but it certainly is possible. Careful who you make your enemy, though, as some people may have Friends willing to help them out.


If you want to delve into the darkest, deepest dungeons and confront the faceless horrors of forgotten ages, you’re going to need help. Buried deep in the gullet of Parallel Kingdom rest terrible beings beyond the power of just one man, so be sure to make use of the Invite system lest you too be swallowed up.

Inviting players is as simple as clicking on their name in chat or on a sent message and selecting the “Invite Player” option. You can invite as many players as you want to join your party! You can hunt, build, or simply chat together at your leisure!


All players on Invite will follow you around, even when you jump between Flags and Buildings! They’ll be tied to your location for as long as you leave them on your Invite, even when they’re logged off. You can go from lowly serf to mighty warrior without ever leaving your friends behind!

Cities Icon Cities

Cities are formed and run by players. From the lowliest village to the largest metropolis, Mayors manage the City’s Flags and Buildings. City Flags can be identified by their distinct black color. Use of the City will enable the collection of resources that cannot be found in the wild, such as Crystal or Oil. Many people use the Cities to display their statues and impressive structures, all the while farming valuable resources. The City is considered by many to be a peaceful place, though Player vs. Player combat is not explicitly forbidden. If you should choose to start pillaging a City, you should do so with care. Many players keep defensive structures and powerful Golems which will defend their buildings within City limits; that’s not even considering that the entire City could declare war on you!

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Crystal Oil Icon Crystal & Oil

Crystal Patches and Oil Wells can be found near City Flags. By constructing the appropriate building and populating it with autonomous Golems, you’ll be able to farm the resource without doing anything except collecting the products! All you’ll need to do is check up on the structure to collect your resources!

Mayor Icon Mayoralty

On a weekly basis, the Mayor of a City is determined by who collects the most City Coins during that week. City Coins can be collected in a variety of ways, from defeating Monsters to collecting Crystal and Oil. If you wish to become the Mayor of a City, you should collect as much Oil and Crystal in as possible, and try to earn Pages within City limits. If you’re successful in collecting the most City Coins, you’ll receive a message and have your own shot at running the show.

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Kingdoms Icon Kingdoms

Kingdoms are organizations of players who've banded together to gain access to unique buildings and form lasting bonds of friendship. The number of activities a Kingdom can engage in together is limited only by the imagination. Player vs. Player events are a common activity for small and large kingdoms alike with armies surging forward and clashing amidst siege engines designed to destory the enemy's structures. You could lead this charge as the leader of your own kingdom, or perhaps you'd rather usher in an era of peace between existing kingdoms by serving your king as a trusted diplomat.

Kingdom Chat Icon
Joining a Kingdom will give you access to the Kingdom's Chat, which will allow you to form quicker bonds of friendship and ask for assistance building, hunting, or exploring the game.
Kingdom Buildings Icon
Kingdoms have access to specific buildings such as defensive towers and outposts, which will widen your travel network and give you access to awesome PvP events.
Bricks Icon
Bricks can be earned by accomplishing tasks on Kingdom land. These Bricks can be used to build Kingdom Buildings and expand the Kingdom's territory.
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King Icon Hail to the King, Baby

Kings have many powers and responsibilities within their Kingdom. The most natural way to ascend to the throne is to build your own Kingdom. However, if you're the rebellious or scheming sort, it is also possible to kill the King and disrupt the natural order. Or perhaps as the King grows tired of his subjects he will name you, his most trusted advisor, as his successor. Should you manage to attain the office through honor or subterfuge, you will find many tools at your disposal.


The King can, at any time, tax his members for a percentage of the Bricks currently in their inventory to have them placed within the Kingdom's Brick Store.


The King can set a number of permissions, some important and others arbitrary. Some permissions include Architecture (can name Kingdom structures), Commanding (can declare war and peace or surrender on behalf of the Kingdom), Crystalogist (can take crystal from the Kingdom store), Demolition (can destory Kingdom structures).


If a King wishes to show favor to his loyal subjects, he may name one of them his successor. Should he ever grow tired of his duties as king, he can step down from his throne and his successor can take his place.

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