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Food is a valuable and very useful resource in Parallel Kingdom. It's used for many things such as Leveling Up, Refining Oil, and training your Hunting Dog. Here's how it works:
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Purchasing Food

Food can be purchased to accelerate your progress and grab the coolest gear. To purchase Food while in-game, go to Menu then select Get Food. You can also Purchase Food Here. Many payment options are available.
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Earning Food

Food can be earned in-game through selling items in a Trade Post, referring friends to play with your Referral Code, mentoring other players, or 'Liking' Parallel Kingdom on Facebook. Keep an eye out for other ways to earn Food.
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Using Food

Players can Level Up with Food each time their blue experience bar fills with Pages. To use Food to Level Up, simply tap the blue bar which reads Level Up. Beginners should spend their starter Food on Leveling Up their characters to gain Skills.
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Having a Platinum Membership opens up a handful of additional bonuses, all of which are very powerful. Platinum can be used to create a number of equipable items, discounts, tokens, and other features. Here's how it works:

Benefits of Platinum

With a Platinum subscription you'll get:
  • 10 Platinum every Day
  • 100 bonus Platinum when you sign up
  • Access to the Platinum Chat Channel
  • A special Platinum Helmet
  • Craft special Platinum Boots, Gloves, and Gear Memory Scrolls
  • Build, Visit, and Enter a Vacation House
  • 2x Reward for Good Mentors (+25 Food Each)
  • 2x Monster and Specialization Tokens
  • Half the Cost for Resetting Skills
  • Half the Cost for Entering Dungeons
  • Half the Cost for Changing your Appearance
  • Half the Cost for Polishing Rings
  • Can dump Platinum for 2 Food Each
  • Save 3 Legendary Monster Locations
  • 50% more Aether Energy and Levitation Energy
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Recurring Subscription

Purchase a Platinum Membership to receive Platinum on a recurring basis. With this steady flow, you gain access to exclusive chats, gear, and more. Sign up here!
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Month to Month Purchase

Platinum can also be purchased in increments by month, or sold and traded in game. All first time Platinum purchases receive 100 Platinum, and then 10 Platinum per day after that.
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